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Every day, insurers make decisions that impact their customers. WRAPA enables insurers to automate and optimise their processes and decision making with technology solutions which enables insurers to deliver better experiences and outcomes for everyone.


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Wrapa is an insurtech company that is constantly imagining and inventing solutions that transform decisions for the benefit of all. We constantly strive for innovation, as we believe in the continual improvement of skills, knowledge and technology, both as a team and as individuals.

Our Purpose

To ease insurers from the burden of operational inefficiencies so that they can be there for more customers in more ways than before.

Our Mission

To imagine and create solutions that help transform the processes and decisions of insurers for all parties’ benefit.

Our Vision

To create an insurance ecosystem in Africa through the use of innovative technology and data-driven solutions where insurance is a catalyst for economic growth, social development and financial security in Africa.

Our Core Values

Customer Satisfaction

Ethical Conduct

Inclusive Teamwork

Innovation Culture

People Oriented

Our Products

Payments Processing, Remittance and Enablement Solutions

We create platforms which helps SMEs and Corporate institutions track and receive payments from customers through different channels.

API Integration Platform

We provide a centralized hub where companies can access, manage and integrate different APIs, without having to build custom integrations from scratch. 

Insurance score measurement and ratings platform

Insurance scores are ratings used by insurance companies to determine an individual’s likelihood of filing a claim and the expected cost of that claim.

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